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People rush.
We rush.
Don’t stop.
No time to stop and think.
Get the coffee faster.
Race to work.
Bound by time.
Slaves to our jobs.
Slaves to our phones.

No time.
No time to think.
Don’t think.
It’s too painful.
Where will it take us?
What will happen if we just stop?

We are afraid to know, so we avoid.
Run, run, run away.
We aren’t present.

We don’t see the Beauty that is all around us.


Let the clock come to a halting stop.
Let the papers pile upon the desk for a moment.
Let the phone turn off.
Let the noise quiet down.
Let the pen stop writing in the calendar.

Turn off the music.
Rid yourself of all the distractions.


And then Start.

Start the feeling.
Start feeling again.
It’s okay.
And begin the healing.
The healing you are avoiding because the process towards it seems so scary.
Start to open your heart.
When we stop, what do we do now?
We listen.
We can hear without all the noise.
We can hear.
The birds singing.
The whispering of God to our souls through the wind.
We can hear our hearts desires.
We might feel the pain along the way, but
This is part of life’s journey.

There’s joy. There is suffering.

There is darkness.
And there is radiant light.
It rises up in the sky every morning,
Even if the clouds cover the sun,
It still shines.

And the Light is God.
He is the light.
And he has created light within all of us.

“Where has my light gone?” You may wonder.
But it is still there.
Yes, Life gets in the way sometimes.
But the You that God created you to be still remains.
You may feel lost.
You will find your way.

Stop running. Rushing. Hiding. Avoiding.

Feel this life.
Don’t be afraid.
Don’t be afraid to live.


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I walk across the creaking, wooden bridge and climb aboard the ship.

No one asks to see my ticket.

I’ve found it at last.

My vessel.

The vessel to take me away.

Away from here.

I’m an explorer.

I need to see new lands.

The salty scent in the air

Of the sea

Invigorates my soul.

The seagulls glide beside me.

They look at me.

I see smiles on their faces.

We’re both free.

The ship leaves port.

Onward I go.

Where am I going?

I don’t know.

I don’t care.

I look down at my compass.

No matter.

I’m going where I’m supposed to be going.

That’s where the wind will take me.


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Meet with who and what Inspires you.

Linger like you belong.

Do not be rushed.

Laugh as much as you can.

Remember being alive today was a Beautiful thing.

You have Songs inside you.

The earth is waiting for her to Dance.”

-S.C. Lourie

Away From Me

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You’ve taken over
I’ve surrendered to you
You crept in.
You invaded.
Now you are in my territory.
My mind.
The white flag I’ve raised to you.

How did you get here?

How could I have let you?
You crossed over the moat.
Neither the river
Nor the iron gates stopped you.

Did I forget to close the gate?

I want my mind back.
My territory.
That’s mine.

I want me back again.
Where did she go?
Where has she gone?

Now you are all I hear.

Blinding me.
Taking me as prisoner. 

Lying to me.

And now I’ve taken the heavy stick
Away from you
And now I use it as a weapon
Against myself.

You’re so conniving.
So smart.
I see your smirk.

You’ve manipulated me.

Now I see myself 
The way you want me to.

You’re laughing.
Laughing as I spiral downward.
As my thoughts take me captive.
Oh, you have me just where you want me!

Stop laughing.
Away from me!
Get thee Away from me, Satan!

God is weeping.

“Get thee Away from her!”
He calls down to you.

Down in the depths
Where you creep,
And where you dwell on earth,
In the hearts and minds of His creation.

“She is my Daughter!
I am her Father!”

And the war wages.

You fight.
You’ve fought so hard.
So well.

You’ve been a strong enemy.

God intervenes.
In His majesty,
Through His creation
He sends down from heaven,
And He fights.
He stands by my side.

He storms into the castle.

His wrath against you
Is a fierce sight to behold.

His roaring rage
Sends you scurrying away.
Like a scared dog,
Whimpering and shivering,
You slither away.

Away from me.
Out of the territory
That never belonged to you.
My mind.
My heart.

I can laugh again.

For I am me Again.

The damage has been done
By the enemy.
But God will Restore.

I am Free.

Who I Am & Why I Write

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Who Am I?

Sometimes it feels like I’ve forgotten how to answer that question. Who have I become? I’ve changed over the years. Don’t we all? 

This is who I am. I am a Dreamer. A creator. 

I am a Wife. A Mother. Who loves her husband and her daughter with all of her heart.

I am a Traveler. A Wanderer. A Writer. 

I am a deep soul. I am a child of a King.

God’s daughter.

A friend. A visionary. Leader. 

I am a Warrior.

I have fought a battle. 

A battle that led me to where I am today.

That changed me. 

That is now part of my story. 

I am a Warrior.


Creating this blog. 
Because I want to. 

Because I HAVE to.

God gave me a gift.

A talent.

The gift of writing.

From the time I was a little girl, 

The pen has always been in my hand. 

Spiral notebooks filled with the writings of my heart. 

The creative imaginings from my mind. 
I’ve traveled the world. 

I’ve lived abroad.

I’ve climbed across volcanoes and looked down into the depths of its crater. 

I’ve climbed mountains –

Literally and figuratively. 

I’ve married my soulmate. The one who I could never imagine my life without him. Who I would follow to the ends of the earth. 

I’ve brought our beautiful little girl into this world. She is the light of our lives! 

I’ve fought a battle.

An illness called postpartum depression.

I’ve learned that healing is sometimes a long journey.

I’ve seen that God works in Mysterious ways.

That He is the ultimate Healer. 

I’ve been wounded. 

And I’ve been healed. 

I have fallen.

And I have risen.

Through all of this,

I know in my heart that I have so much to say. 

And so I want to help others.

I want to share my journey with others.

To inspire.

To share with others what I’m learning 

Through this beautiful, But sometimes, hard, thing called Life.

I want to talk about my travels. 

My experiences. 

I want to make you laugh. 

Sometimes what I write might make you cry.

I write because I have to. It gives me purpose.

I would be honored to have you walk alongside me. To hear my stories. 

For you to know you’re not alone.

I want to be real.

 I want you to see the Beauty. 

The Wonder. 

The Mystery.

The Hope.

I walk along the path

Finding that there are unexpected twists and turns. 

There are mountains to climb,

Rivers to cross. 

Flower-filled meadows to dance through.
At times, our compass stops working. 

We get lost. 

And we find our way again.

Just keep on going, I will. 

Backpack upon my shoulders, 

Compass in my hands. 

Mountains and valleys ahead in view, I continue to walk. 

Life is a beautiful journey, 

And I don’t want to be afraid

To step outside my door. 

There’s a whole world out there, And I cannot wait to see it!

My hope for myself, and for you, is this: 

“Let Faith, NOT Fear, be your compass.”